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Cooperative Development of Operational Safety & Continuing Airworthiness Program COSCAP-Gulf States  
Calendar / Training Plan  2015 (Version 15-Dec-2014)

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Dates Subject Presenter Location Outcomes / Deliverables
12-15/01/2015 Training of new joiners (Airworthiness Inspectors). COSCAP-GS Kuwait Training of new joiners, Eight (8) airworthiness inspectors of Kuwait DGCA.
February 2015 Internal workshop on Audits Procedures Manual (3 days). COSCAP-GS Kuwait Validation by member States of the Manual of CAA on Regulatory Audit Procedures.
February 2015 Updates on annex 19/ SMM Course (2 days) COSCAP-GS Bahrain One (1) day course: ICAO updates regarding Annex 19 provisions and SMM guidance.
One (1) day workshop:On-going actions regarding SS{ establishment by the CAA.
8-12 February 2015 Training on ADREP/ECCAIRS (5 days) ICAO/COSCAP-GS Kuwait Guidance for the implementation of an electronic system for the analysis and monitoring of the Incidents Mandatory / Volantary Reports.
April-2015 Workshop on EASA Part 21 "Aircraft Certification" (5 days) TBD Kuwait Updates on EASA Part 21 and Practices by Designer Company (Airbus).
19-21 May 2015 OSD (Operational Suitability Data) in cooperation with EASA/AIRBUS. (3 days) TBD Kuwait Updates on the new EU/EASA requirements regarding OSD.
26-28/05/2015 Safety Management Workshop (3 days) ICAO/COSCAP-GS Kuwait Consolidated Action Plan for the SSP Implementation in the MID-Region.
June-2015 Advanced training on SMS auditing for CAAs inspectors.(4 to 5 days) ICAO/COSCAP-GS/Safety partners Dubai Qualification of CAA inspectors on Auditing of SMS implementation by services providers.
1-4 June 2015 Training of new joiners (Ops experts). COSCAP-GS/Member States/Safety partners Kuwait

Training of new joiners, OPS inspectors 'from Kuwait DGCA.

September 2015 Recurrent training program for the Airworthiness inspectors / Review of CAA training procedures Manual. (3 days) COSCAP-GS Dubai

Review & Validation of the Training Syllabus for the airworthiness inspectors recurrent training.

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